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Courses we offer

1Computer Fundamentals, MS-Office and Internet
3Desk Top Publishing
4Telecom Sales
5Computer Hardware
6Computer Networking
7Domestic BPO
8Internet Kiosk Operators
9Web Designing
102D pre-production Animator
113D- Animation Production
12Fundamentals of JAVA programming Language
13BPO Non Voice business training
14BPO Voice business training
153D- Visualization in Architecture
16Architectural and Civil 2D Drafting with AutoCDA
17Classical Animation
18Advanced 3D Animation Producation
19Print Publishing
20Web Publishing
21UNIX(R) Essentials Featuring the SOLARIS
22E-Commerce-Start an On-line business
23LINUX Operating System
24Advanced Web Publishing
25JAVA Programming Language
26Software Testing
27Clean-Up for 2D Animation
28Ink and Paint for 2D Animation
29Interactive Media Design
30Character Animation
31Computer Fundamentals, MS-Office & Internet
32Fundamentals of JAVA ™Programming Language
33Architectural & Civil 2D-Drafting with AutoCAD
34Advanced 3D Animation Production
35UNIX (R) Essentials Featuring the SOLARIS
36E- Commerce-Start an On line business
37Advanced Web Publishing
38Behavioral Basics
39Advanced Behavioral Basics
40JAVA ™ Programming Language
41Software Testing
42Interactive Media Design
43Character Animation
44Clean-Up for 2D Animation
45In Betweening for 2D Animation
46Certificate In Visual Basic Programming
47Certificate In Oracle
48Certificate In Introduction To Desktop Publishing
49Certificate In HTML & DHTML
50Certificate In Java Programming
51Certificate In Cloud Computing
52Certificate Course In CorelDraw
53Certificate Course In Photoshop
54Certificate Course In PageMaker
55Certificate Course In Linux
56Certificate Course In Computer Languages
57Certificate Course In .Net
58Certificate Course In Business Accounting
59Certificate Course In Internet & E-Commerce
60Certificate Course In Java
61Certificate Course In Office Automation & Internet
62Certificate Course In Software Testing
63Certificate Course In Networking & Communication
64Certificate Course In Visual Basic
65Certificate Course In Office Tools
66Certificate Course In Computer Maintenance
67Certificate In Pc Operation
68Certificate In Pc Maintenance
69Certificate Course In Office Assistantship
70Certificate Course In Office Computer Operator
71Certificate In Electronic Office
72Certificate In Computer In Retail Shop
73Certificate In Computer Application
74Certificate In Computing
75Certificate In Web Technology
76Certificate In Multimedia And Animation Designing
77Certificate In Office Automation & Internet
78Certificate In Application Software
79Certificate In Computer Hardware Engineering
80Certificate In Networking Technology
81Certificate In Laptop Repairing
82Certificate In Assembly Of PC
83Certificate In Mobile Phone Technology
84Certificate In Multimedia Animation
85Certificate In Oracle
86Certificate In Visual C++
87Certificate In Asp.Net
88Certificate In C#.Net
89Certificate In VB.Net
90Certificate In Information Technology
91Certificate In Auto Cad
92Certificate In Course In DTP
93Certificate In C++
94Certificate In Data Entry And Console Operation
95Certificate In Computer Hardware Maintenance
96Certificate In Computer Hardware Engineering
97Certificate In Networking Technology
98Certificate In Laptop Repairing
99Certificate Course In Internet
100Diploma In Information Technology
101Diploma In Office Automation
102Diploma In Computer Programming
103Diploma In Web Technology
104Diploma In Web Designing HTML-DHTML
105Diploma In Web Designing
106Diploma In VB & Oracle
107Diploma In AutoCAD
108Diploma In Web Programming
109Diploma In Desktop Publishing
110Diploma In Computerised Accounting
111Diploma In Hardware Technology
112Diploma In Networking Technology
113Diploma In Pc Maintenance And Networking
114Diploma In Office Practice Management
115Diploma In Secretarial Practice
116Diploma In Basic Financial Services
117Diploma In Office Accounting
118Diploma In Computerised Secretarial Management
119Diploma In Computerised Financial Management
120Diploma In Computer Programming & Application
121Diploma In Computer Application
122Diploma In Computer Teachers Training
123Diploma In Entrepreneurship Development
124Diploma In Software Engineering
125Diploma In Computer Science
126Diploma In Advance Computing
127Diploma In Computer Management
128Diploma In Computer Programming & Applications
129Diploma In Computer Science & Technology
130Diploma In Information Technology Teacher Training
131Diploma In Data Entry Operator
132Diploma In Information Technology & Management
133Diploma In Computerised Accounting
134Diploma In Systems Networks
135Diploma In Computerised Accounting Applications
136Diploma In Computerised Accounting With Tally
137Diploma In Financial Accounting & Taxation
138Certificate Course In Accounting Using Computers
139Diploma In Advance Tally
140Diploma In Banking
141Diploma In Investment Banking
142Diploma In Accounting
143Diploma In Computerised Accounting Standards
144Diploma In Information Systems
145Diploma In Business Finance
146Diploma In Financial Engineering
147Diploma In Cyber Law
148Diploma In Computer Hardware Maintenance
149Diploma In Software Applications
150Diploma In Computer Applications
151Diploma In Computer Science
152Diploma In Multimedia
153Diploma In Advance Accounting With Tally
154Diploma In Electronic Office
155Diploma In Computer Application
156Diploma In Graphics
157Diploma In 3d Animation
158Diploma In .Net
159Diploma In A+
160Diploma In Autocad
161Diploma In Sap
162Diploma In Software Testing
163Diploma In Embedded System
164Diploma In Chip Level System
165Diploma In Laptop Hardware & Wifi Technology
167Diploma In Data Entry Operator
168C.T.T. - Computer Teacher Training
169C.T.T. - Computer Teacher Training
170Advance Diploma In Software Development
171Advance Diploma In Information Technology
172Advance Diploma In Visual Programming
173Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications
174Advanced Diploma In Computer Applications
175Advanced Diploma In Hardware & Networking
176Advanced Global Hardware And Networking
177Advanced Diploma In Multimedia Programming
178Java Programming
179C Programming
180C ++ Programming
182Open Office
183Adobe Photo Shop
184Financial Management Software
185Adobe Page Maker
186Corel Draw
187Windows / Linux
188Diploma In CAD/CAM Technology.
189Computer Assembly
190Computer Troubleshooting
191Auto cad
192Tally Erp 9
1933D- Visualisation in Architecture
194Mechanical Drafting & Modelling with Autodesk Invertor (includes AUTOCAD)
195Architectural Drafting & 3D design with Autodesk Revit
196Architectural Drafting & 3D design with Autodesk Revit
197System Administration for the SOLARIS TM 10 Operating
198Behaviral Basics
199Advanced Behavioral Basics
200JAVA Programming Language- SL 275 (Advance)
201Software Testing
202Clean-Up for 2D Animation
203Advanced Architectural Drafting & 3D Design with Auto desk Revit
204Advanced Architectural Drafting & 3D Design with Auto Desk Revit
205Mechanical Drafting & Modelling with Autodesk
206Architectural Drafting & 3D design with Autodesk
207System Administration for the SOLARIS TM 10
208Advanced Architectural Drafting & 3D Design
209Certificate In Computer Concepts & Financial Accounting
210Certificate Course In Data Processing & Computer Applications
211Certificate Course In Computer Operations & Applications
212Certificate Course In Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting
213Certificate In Purchasing & Store Keeping Technician
214Certificate In Operations Of Computer In Retail Shops
215Diploma Course In Computerized Accounting Banking Finance Taxation And Commerce
216Diploma In Administrative Professional With Microsoft Office Specialist
217Diploma In Computerised Advance Accouting & Taxation
218Diploma In Computer Hardware Maintenance And Network Engineering
219Advance Diploma In Computer Hardware & Peripherals Maintenance
220Advance Diploma In Computer Hardware Networking & System Administration
221Advance Diploma In Hardware Maintenance & Networking
222Advance Diploma In Hardware & Networking Engineering
223Masters Diploma In Hardware & Networking Engineering
224Expert-Advance Diploma In Advance Accounting & Taxation With Tally
Trade Name :- Fashion designing Courses.
Trade Name :- Beauty parlour courses